• Accommodation: Participants will be provided accommodation in various University Guest Houses on the campus. Upon arrival at the Campus, volunteers of the accommodation committee will assist in reaching the place of accommodation.
  • Health requirements and medical facilities: With the help of LOC, special services will be made available at the dispensary of NEHU during meeting days. The dispensary is also facilitated with ambulance service and is reachable at a swift time. For medical help, please contact Dr. (Mrs.) C. Mukhim, Chief Medical Officer, NEHU Health Centre (mobile No.: 9436732922).
  • Weather and climate information: Shillong becomes cold during November. Temperature at NEHU campus, Shillong is expected to remain between 10°C (minimum) and 20°C (maximum). Woolen garments are recommended during the month of November.
  • For any queries regarding accommodation, please contact the Accommodation Committee.

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