Y Dhandapani

Indian Statistical Institute, Bengaluru

Y Dhandapani obtained PhD from University of Paris 6 in Applied Mathematics and then pursued postdoctoral research at Technion, Israel, before joining ISI, Bengaluru. His re-search interests are mainly centred on studying geometric and topological structures on random point clouds. He was selected Young Associate of the Indian Academy of Sciences in 2016.

Y Dhandapani

Session 2D: Inaugural Lectures by Associates/Fellow

Chairperson: H M Antia, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai

Geometry and topology on random point clouds View Presentation

From a theoretical and applied viewpoint, there is interest in understanding the topology and geometry of random point clouds. Given a point cloud, one can construct a sequence of growing spaces (called as the Boolean model) by placing balls of radius r centred at the points and letting r grow. In this talk, the speaker will take us through some recent and ongoing work on understanding the topology and geometry of Boolean model built upon random point clouds on Euclidean spaces. He will briefly touch upon the influence of the spatial distribution of point clouds on their qualitative and quantitative features.

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